Email Sign-up on Your FB Page

If you use Constant Contact, you can sign up contacts from your Facebook fan page.  It’s easy to install.  Instructions are here.

This is just one aspect of “inter-connecting” your promotional media.  Don’t think of your members as interacting with only one type of content from you, for example, only your website or only your Facebook page.  Think of all your promotional media (including your “old-fashioned” print newsletter) as part of a giant wheel or web.  Different constituents will access different types of media as a first encounter, but you want to  make it both easy and desirable for your constituents to access different parts of that wheel.  Make sure there are links and connections from each type of media to the others– especially the media that forms the core of your communications efforts.

How do you inter-connect your media efforts?  Post your ideas in the comments– they may help out others!


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Constant Contact

Constant Contact


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